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Discerning UK soul folk know all about genial London-based soulster DAPAUL. DAPAUL’s musical roots are in gospel music but in the 1990s he moved onto the secular circuit and was soon in demand as a session singer working with people like Eternal, Cleopatra, Alex O'Neal, Jhelisa, Kloud 9 and Gabrielle.


In 2013 DAPAUL delivered his debut album – the acclaimed ‘Soulful Spirit’. The title cut and the lovely ‘She’s So Entertaining’ became mainstays on the best soul stations while the more up-tempo ‘Let Me Go’ saw plenty of dance floor action on the modern soul scene.


DAPAUL is currently putting the finishing touches to his second album. Set for April 2016 release , the album will be called ‘LONDON TOWN’ but in the meantime the album’s title track will be released as a single on Dec 5th with Official Music Video. The timing couldn’t be better ‘cos the uptempo-soulful dancer has a lovely Christmas feel to it. Yes, we’ve got jingle bells (very tasteful though) and a lyric that chimes with the sentiments of the season. In essence the song is a heartfelt homage to the city that DAPAUL knows and loves. Although uniquely DAPAUL, in some ways it carries much the same message as Light Of The World’s classic of the same name. Both songs are full of positive optimism and celebrate the city’s diversity and community spirit – things especially important to remember at Christmas.


Review by Bill Buckley –


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London Town – DaPaul

DaPaul is a talented singer and songwriter from London. He began singing in church as a young man and his influences include gospel, soul, jazz and blues. Working as a session musician and backing vocalist he has worked with names such as Eternal, Alexander O’Neal and Gabrielle and has appeared on worldwide TV promos including The World Music Awards and the Montreaux Jazz Festival. He had widespread success with his Soulful Spirit album which featured many outstanding tracks including My Gift and She’s So Entertaining. DaPaul’s influences are varied and many and include Gospel, Jazz, Soul and Pop artists such as Marvin Gaye, Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Nat King Cole, Mary J Blige and Chaka Khan. He regularly sings at London venues and is a versatile performer, talented pianist, and an all round entertaining and charismatic artiste.


‘London Town’ is DaPaul’s latest release, and also the title track to his brand new album due to be released in April 2016.


It is a Christmas song which brings together a message about DaPaul’s love for his home town, his love for friends and family, and the love of a community coming together at a special time of year. The lyrics are meaningful and catchy with a jazzy, funky, soulful and lively vibe. DaPaul delivers the lyrics effortlessly in his smooth soulful style and exudes the happiness that this song conveys. On hearing it the listener will immediately feel the Christmas spirit which emanates from every note.


This track will go down well at any Christmas party this year and have the dance floor bouncing along to the celebratory vibe.


London Town – DaPaul – Release date 5 December 2015


Review by Sooz Grooves -


LondonTown-SingleCover-embossed final

The inspiration behind ‘London Town’ by DaPaul is a story imbued with gratitude to a city that gave selflessly to a young teenager born in LONDON, who in the 1980’s dreamt of being a musician and performer.


The last of 5 siblings, DaPaul was the only one born in the UK when his mother came to the UK in the early 1960’s. As a single parent, DaPaul’s mother was a courageous woman who left Jamaica with only a basic college education, trained as a dressmaker with dreams of exploration, opportunities and a better life for her family. Whilst raising her young son DaPaul and his two sisters she studied to be a nurse in the 70’s and worked in London for over 25 years and is now retired.


As a young boy DaPaul was given piano lessons at age 6, and had a genuine interest for music inspired by his older cousins who all played the piano very well. His aspirations as a youth to become a musician/performer were realised by opportunities and support provided by his church community and  the London ILEA/GLC music programmes for youth in the 1980’s.


In 1994 DaPaul started his professional music career in the music industry working with UK pop artists; Eternal, Louise, MN8 and Cleopatra. Since then he has worked as session musician/backing vocalist recording and performing with UK/US artists; Alexander O'Neal, Jhelisa Anderson, Rhonda Thomas, Kloud 9, Des'ree, and Gabrielle. He has also appeared on various TV promos: Jools Holland, GMTV, National Lottery Live, VH1, TOTP, Montreaux Jazz Festival, and The World Music Awards.


LONDON TOWN is the title track of DaPaul’s 2nd album, produced by DaPaul and Al Soul. It is a grateful tribute to our great city, inspired after DaPaul returned from a long trip abroad. It assimilates with our current society and lyrically reminds us that all people are more alike than they are different by celebrating diversity, bringing communities together and promoting family values. LONDON TOWN builds on the achievements of the UK and continues the great legacy of being a Londoner. This up-tempo pop soulful floor-filler sets a meaningful tone and ethos to DaPaul’s new album and will be released on Dec 5th with the OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO.


The following 9 tracks capture the DaPaul magic with great songs, meaningful lyrics and addictive grooves, real soul and excellent production.

Release Dates

LONDON TOWN - SINGLE - Dec 5th 2015


2. LONDON TOWN – (Radio Mix)


THE WAY I DO – EP – April 10th 2016

1. THE WAY I DO – (Radio Mix)

2. IN THE SUN – (Radio Mix)



LONDON TOWN - SUMMER EP – July 23rd 2016

4. LONDON TOWN - (Summer Radio Mix)

5. HOLIDAY – (Radio Mix)



LONDON TOWN – Box Set – Nov 7th 2016


1. THE WAY I DO – (Radio Mix)

2. IN THE SUN – (Radio Mix)

3. OPEN EYES – (Radio Mix)



1. LONDON TOWN - (Summer Radio Mix)

2. HOLIDAY – (Radio Mix)



LONDON TOWN – Full Album

1. LONDON TOWN - (Christmas Radio Mix)

2. LONDON TOWN - (Summer Radio Mix)

3. THE WAY I DO – (Radio Mix)

4. IN THE SUN – (Radio Mix)

5. HOLIDAY – (Radio Mix)







Those who remember the refreshing sound of DaPaul’s brand of Soul Jazz when his debut album ‘Soulful Spirit’ was released in 2013 (which reached no.3 in the UK Soul Chart) and was featured on Jazz FM by Peter Young will anticipate the 2nd album. Those who have just discovered this unique artist would be advised also to check out his debut album, it’s a real modern classic to add to your collection.


The following 9 tracks capture the DaPaul magic with great songs, meaningful lyrics and addictive grooves, real soul and excellent production.

Please visit links for info on reviews, gigs, releases and videos etc.


Brixton Buzz – Gig Review – May 3rd 2015

Coldharbour Lane is packed as Brixton comes out to party on a busy Bank Holiday Sunday


Brixton_Buzz_Review_-_Bar_414_Gig_-_May_3rd_2015 (1) image_07 image_15

It may have been a Sunday night, but Brixton’s bars were jam-packed as revellers decided to take full advantage of the upcoming Bank Holiday Monday.

An altogether different scene was to be found at Club 414, a short walk down from the Market House, with soul singersongwriter DaPaul playing live.


An altogether different scene was to be found at Club 414, a short walk down from the Market House, with soul singersongwriter DaPaul playing live.

She's So Entertaining - Track Of The Week by Peter Young @ Jazz FM 20.7.13

DaPaul will be interviewed on RealMusic F.M. by Jazzy Ron tomorrow 11th March between 6.00 - 8.00pm's and will be performing live on air.

DaPaul's 'My Gift' was released in Dec 2012 and the album 'Soulful Spirit' will be launched on April 30th.


You can tune in via internet on

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'The Pure Poetry Show by Poetess Cezanne featuring DaPaul's debut album 'Soulful Spirit

She's So Entertaining featured on Stomp Radio with DJ Citizen Soul

Reviewed by Toby Walker

Reviewed by Toby Walker


Essence Of Soul Show - DJ Brian Jay on JFSR-FM

DJ CitizenSoul - Stomp Radio

Soulful Spirit reached no.3 in UK Soulchart in Dec 2013

Download the PDF here


www_uksoulchart_com-@-no3-again-1 1386263098_pdf

Review of my album by Toby Walker from


DaPaul - Soulful Spirit


One of the great mysteries in music, are the odd occasions when an artist, who has recorded a genuine piece of quality product, find themselves trudging from store to store, in order to find some sort of positive response for their efforts. One such situation transpired when a U.K. Soul based singer walked into the doors of the Collectors Record Centre in Kingston Upon Thames, a couple of weeks ago.

Keith outside his store - July 2013


This particular store is run by a very personable guy called Keith, who I pop into see on a regular basis , as his store is not overpriced, and Keith has a good knowledge of all styles of music (including a good grasp of all things soulful). The singer in question is a guy named DaPaul. He took some CD’s into the shop, which Keith heard, liked the music, and agreed to stock, subsequently bringing the music to my attention when I next went down to see the man. I bought a copy with the intention of contacting this artist, as this album is something of a U.K. Soul...should I say ‘classic’?...well, certainly an album, which if ignored, would be a crime. All told, I get slightly frustrated when I hear an album of this standard. Frustrated by the fact that, performers of a much poorer standard seem to receive many plaudits ‘thumbs up’, and many accolades, whilst the likes of DaPaul create something of real quality, and are by and largely ignored. All I can say is ‘not on my watch!’ I contacted DaPaul, who is a very personable guy. He’s worked with several excellent U.K. performers, including the fine jazzman Ciyo, whose album ‘Urban Landscape’ I have on the shelves here. You may remember ‘We Know We Are’ off that 1993 set? Old Robbie Vincent favourite, that song. If you do, you will have an illustration of the standard of artist who is working with DaPaul on this fine release. So what to do now? The man didn’t know the guys at Soul Brother, so I gave him some contact details. He, in turn, is mailing me some promotional packs, and I mailed a song to Peter Young at Jazz FM who called the track ‘class’. So at least I can now say that I have arrived at the conclusion I am not going mad! DaPaul told me he is about to perform at the 606 club in Chelsea. Should be a good show judging by this fine, fine album. So on to the music. The team sheet comprises of 12 new tracks, no covers, kicking off with the hugely radio friendly ‘She’s So Entertaining’, a track that would sit alongside Al Jarreau’s ‘Morning’ very nicely, and not be out of place. Music for the better radio stations out there. If there is a mood throughout the set, it is probably set around mid-tempo, with several tracks drifting above and below that barometer line. DaPaul has an empathy with his fellow human being, showcased on the socially aware songs ‘Fairtrade’ and ‘Red Blood Streets’, with the former certainly hitting home in this house. ‘Kumbaya’ is another very strong melody, a term which is not only applicable to the scout movement, but has several global interpretations, one salient meaning relating to a Creole language spoken by the former slaves living on the Sea Islands of South Carolina and Georgia. I really enjoyed the title track of this album, along with the lengthy ‘My Gift’ and the acoustic ‘Let Me Go’. A very competently performed album, showcasing about as good as it gets, musically, in the U.K. in 2013. I hope this CD is a foundation of sorts for a lengthy career for this singer. It is a real crime that this set is currently being circulated on a door to door basis. It deserves a great deal more than that. Retailing at CD Baby as I write (or in Keith’s shop).

Review by Bill Buckley @

2013's been a vintage year for British soul albums. There's been plenty to celebrate with fine long players from people like Nathan Adams, Omar, Don-E, The Brand New Heavies, Personal Life and, of course, Bluey's incomparable solo debut. Now here's another name to add to that garlanded list – DaPaul. DaPaul is a London based singer/songwriter whose musical roots go back to the London gospel circuit. From there he went on to work with people like Eternal, Cleopatra, Alex O'Neal, Jhelisa, Kloud 9 and Gabrielle but for the past few years he's been working on this his solo debut... a fine contemporary soul set featuring a dozen, "proper", well crafted songs... songs with a structure, decent melodies and thoughtful,


mature and, at times, provocative lyrics. They're delivered in DaPaul's distinctive, soulful baritone that betrays his gospel apprenticeship while the musical backdrops are delivered by his friends – the cream of the UK soul session scene. Yet despite all this obvious excellence DaPaul found it hard to get any kind of deal and ended up hawking 'Soulful Spirit' round the London record stores to see if anyone would handle it. Luckily a number of shop owners heard the album's potential and before long top soul commentator and good friend of soulandjazzandfunk, Toby Walker, got hold of the album and featured it on his excellent web site, and from there the buzz has grown so much so that album tracks are now being play listed on major radio stations.


Listening, it's easy to hear why stations like Jazz FM are so keen on 'Soulful Spirit'. It's an adult soul album – right on the vibe that the station is proud to promote. The flavour and atmosphere of the album are best summed up in the title cut and the lead single, 'My Gift' – a pair of haunting ballads that will touch a chord with any listener. 'Evergreen' is another gentle, insinuating cut but there's lot of other flavours too. 'Let Me Go' is a very crisp, soul beater (the modern soul crowd need to check this one); the social commentary that is 'Red Blood Streets' has an 80s electro vibe; 'Fair Trade' is a jazzy builder; 'Free & Satisfied' ploughs the neo-soul groove; 'Kumbaya' (no, not the old Boy Scout song!) is light and lovely with a hint of Stevie Wonder about it while on the closing 'Don't Stop Dancing' our man lets rip with his vocals.


The real highlight though is the opening track, 'She's So Entertaining'. It's a quite lovely, laid back thing... thoughtful and sincere. The chorus also features the catchiest of ear-worms, aided an abetted by a hypnotic brass riff. Discover more about this magical song and indeed the whole album @ and watch out for an exclusive interview with DaPaul here @ SJF very soon.

DaPaul's album Soulful Spirit' is now on rotation in Switzerland


Review of album Soulful Spirit by DaPaul

All of the tracks on the album are skilfully crafted, and DaPaul connects with each song in a very emotive way which lets the listener know how intensely personal and meaningful each song is to him. His voice is both soothing and passionate, and each song takes you on a thought-provoking journey through the story of the lyrics.


Most of the songs are inspired by love in one form or another. ‘Fairtrade’ is a song about equality, and Red Blood Streets’ is a hopeful upbeat jazz funk vibe concerned with overcoming violence. The mellow grooves ‘Love’s Like’ and ‘Kumbaya’, and also the jazzy ‘Soulful Spirit’ are inspirational gospel tracks. The pick of the album is the spiritual composition ‘My Gift’, with its uplifting lyrics and laid back soul vibe. Each track has been carefully composed with attention paid to every aspect whether it be the gentle keys, the soft brass or a jazzy guitar riff, and DaPaul’s soulful accomplished vocals will make you feel every lyric with him.

This album will make you reflect on life, but will also soothe and inspire, with its hopeful, peaceful soul vibe. A very impressive debut album from a talented man who we will no doubt be hearing a lot more of.


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DaPaul-Interview---Manifesto_Magazine_-_Autumn_201 DaPaul-Interview---Manifesto_Magazine_-_Autumn_201